Agriculture-4-U – farming knowledge for all.

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An introduction to Agriculture-4-U

The Agriculture-4-U vision

has evolved from providing the basic knowledge that all the school children in the UK should of where their food comes from and how it is produced from an early age, to provide knowledge that can be assessed by all, from school children to students of agriculture and beyond.


Agriculture is an integral part of all our lives, and its importance is only set to increase, as stressed in the recent Food Strategy Report by 2050 there may not be enough land to grow the food we need – see latest news opposite. We believe everyone in the UK from school age onwards should have a basic knowledge of where their food comes from and how it is produced. This means that not only the decision makers, but also those they represent will have a deeper understanding of the dilemmas created when producing food and then be able to tackle the challenges which lay ahead.

“food is a precious resource which we can no longer take for granted”

BBC ‘The Future of Food’

What are the dilemmas?

‘He who has bread may have troubles.

He who lacks it has only one.’

Old Byzantine proverb

In today’s world man faces both these problems at once.

With an ever increasing world population coupled with other demands on land, such as housing and now as a provider of energy in the form of biofuel and biomass, the food needed has to be provided from an ever smaller area.

This leads to more reliance on technology to achieve this which in turn produces its own problems; Agrochemicals, Fertilisers, GM Crops, Biodiversity, Conservation. Food Miles; Traceability of food, organic food, Amenity Land.

In order for future generations to address these issues they ideally need to experience as well as understand farming today.