What is soil?
  • Highly complex assemblage of:
    • geological materials,
    • dead organic matter,
    • living roots,
    • animals and microbes,
    • soil water
    • soil atmosphere.
  • They form a dynamic system in which the line between living and dead frequently becomes academic.
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Quick Soil facts:
 Soil Facts
Healthy soils have six different layers .
It is estimated that more than half of all earth species live in the soil!
One gram of soil (a quarter of a tablespoon) can harbour up to 10 billion organisms – that’s more than the number of people living on the planet!
Only about 1% of the microorganisms found in soil have been identified so far
95% of food production relies on the soil
Soils store more carbon than the atmosphere, and all of the world’s plants and forests combined.
Earthworms are a real hero of healthy soils – Earthworms do amazing work in soils! Their activity offers many benefits, from increased nutrient availability and better drainage, to creating a more stable soil structure.
Every minute we lose the equivalent of 30 football pitches of fertile soil.
Organic farms have 20% more organic matter in their soil on average.

Below is presentation which gives more details about soil.